We were honored to be recognized as one of Loudoun County's best places to work (#5) in the 2017 Loudoun Business Journal.  This honor humbles us.  We don't do what we do to win surveys, we simply work hard at supporting our fellow team members to be all they can be, in and out of the office.  

Our employees' opinions matter. We take their suggestions very seriously, and more importantly, we act on them. We do this weekly by using a tool called Tiny Pulse. Once per week the entire company is asked to respond to a brief survey.  It's this survey that allows us to identify ways of improving the Highland culture, facilities, customer experience, benefits, and corporate identity. This is also where each employee has an opportunity to publicly thank and honor a fellow peer for their contributions and/or efforts. Below are examples of unfiltered responses we've received.  

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you at work?

1 being extremely unhappy - to 10 being over the moon


What was the primary reason(s) that motivated you to join us?

Tell us about your relationship with your coworkers.