There is something different in the air. It's called breathing room.

Before we tell you about our current growing positions, we'd love to tell you about where we call home. Loudoun County is just 25 miles west of our nation's capital and is considered to be DC's wine country. With over 50 vineyards, our wineries are quickly becoming some of the best in the nation. Not to worry; if wine, beer, and spirits are not you thing, we are also surrounded by history, horse country, beaches, mountains, and our nation's capital. The people of Loudoun county are high-energy, passionate, and love their neighbors.

To be honest, if you live your life as a hermit, no need to apply for a position or move to Loudoun county. To learn more about Loudoun County click here.

What does Highland Capital Brokerage do?

Many in the industry call organizations like ours an Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO). All that really means is our clients are insurance brokers and financial planners. We wholesale insurance and investment products to the best advisors around the country.  We do this by creating one-to-one relationships built on mutual respect while providing great service. 

If you are asking yourself, Do I have what it takes to work at Highland? Unfortunately, most of the time the answer is no. You see, we only hire the best of the best. If you are one of the exceptions and have the drive to succeed, we would love to talk with you.  

What is your hiring process?

  1. You will submit your resume.

  2. You will then be asked to complete a personality assessment survey.

  3. You will then have a phone interview.

  4. If all looks good, we will fly you out to meet our team. (You will meet with an executive team member and a member of our team who is currently doing the job you applied for. This is your opportunity to ask very pointed questions of one of your potential peers.)

  5. If the meetings were positive, we will then make you an offer for employment.

  6. Once you accept the position all the fun starts. If need be, we will help you relocate, introduce you to the community, and begin calling you family.

Open positions

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